Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Guide to Buying Fireworks Online.

A Guide to Buying Fireworks Online

Buying fireworks online is a fairly simple process. Still, looking at Fireworks for sale has to be more than ADD TO CART. These items are serious business and should be approached with care and responsibility. You need to understand what these items do and to plan your display with concern for your family, your guests and your neighbors.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're buying fireworks online.

Where should I buy fireworks?

Only from a reputable dealer like Sky King Fireworks. You want a retailer that's licensed to sell these products. This ensures that they only sell fireworks that have seen stringent safety standards and will be reliable. Anyone may be able to sell fireworks, but only Sky King Fireworks can promise you product that meets standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What sort of fireworks am I going to need?

If you're planning on putting on a spectacle, you are going to want to include as many types of fireworks as possible. Rockets, tubes and wheels are great for show. Roman candles will light up the sky with color and effects. Repeaters are excellent for keeping the festivities going between the big stuff. Single ignition fireworks can save you time on continuously lighting fuses. And do keep time in mind. Some fireworks will only go for a few seconds. There are others that can last 20-40 minutes.

Should I be concerned with noise?

You should always be concerned with noise. You may not want to scare smaller children or pets (who should be kept out of the area anyway). You wouldn't want to disturb neighbors (though we're betting they'll be enjoying the show). One of the reps at Sky King can help you with this as they know which items are fairly quiet and which will rock the world.

What laws should I be following regarding fireworks?

You can get more information about the laws in your state here.

Remember to be safe. Only use fireworks in clear areas. If you visit, you can read more about the best ways to enjoy fireworks responsibly.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet - Special Promotion for Valentine's Day 2014!
Valentine's Day is around the corner..
Have you decided what flowers you would wanna give to your the other half?

Make this Valentine's Day an extra special one for that extra special person of your life by giving her a Ferrero Rocher Bouquet!

Simply Visit to check out more choices today!
- Self collection at Blk 514 Serangoon North Ave 4
- Bugis Street on 13-14 Feb 2014

For Enquiry & Ordering:
William 9686 0495

Meaning of the Number of Roses...
1 stalk - Love at 1st Sight
2 stalks - Mutual Feelings
3 stalks - I Love You
7 stalks - I am Infatuated by You
9 stalks - Together as Long as We Live
10 stalks - You are Perfect
11 stalks - You are My Treasured One
12 stalks - Be My Steady
13 stalks - Friends Forever
15 stalks - I am Sorry
20 stalks - I am Sincere Towards You
21 stalks - I am Committed to You
36 stalks - I Will Remember Our Romantic Moments
40 stalks - My Love is Genuine
99 stalks - I Will Love You Till the Day I Die
100 stalks - I am Totally Devoted to You
101 stalks - You are My One and Only
999 stalks - My Love Will Last Till the End of Time

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Accident that occured at Suntec Precinct.

I actually met an accident at Suntec last June and I felt that Suntec has a role to play in the cause of the accident. I wrote in to them, first they told me they will get back to me as soon as possible, but they did not. Second, when they finally replied, they did not provide a reasonable explanation on their stand. I felt that this is still unsolved and here I am to share with you guys on the incident.

Below was the email I sent to them.


I would like to request for a compensation of $3028.50 to be made to me due to an accident that occured on 15 June 2013, Saturday at the Suntec precinct.

On 15 June 2013, in the afternoon i drove my car to Suntec to settle some stuffs. When I was about to turn in to the basement carpark from Tower 4,  there was a car stopped right before turning in to the carpark (like the black car shown in Photo 2 below). I saw there wasn't anything blocking it and there was a perfect through way into the carpark, hence without hesitation i overtook the car and tried to drove passed him. But, when i swerved to the right and wanted to swerve back in front of him. I DID NOT notice there was a flat divider on the ground and my car's undercarriage drove over it and created a big bang on the spot. When i parked my car at the basement carpark, i saw splatters of engine oil ALL over the floor. After I settled my stuffs at Suntec, i drove the car to my place, and it broke down at my place there. The car was towed to a workshop and the mechanic told me that the engine was damaged and need to be replaced (See Photo 5 for the damaged engine). And for that, it cost me $2728.50 to replace the entire engine. Some time later, there was some problem to my radiator due to the impact from that accident, there was a leakage and i had to replace the entire radiator as well which cost me $300 (Invoice is as attached in this email).

I felt that Suntec has a role to play in the occurence of this accident. I felt that the flat divider should NOT be placed in the middle of the road. If its to divide the two lanes, it SHOULD be higher or indicate with a pole to make it more visible to the public like the next divider which was with the poles (See Photo 6). Many might NOT have noticed that flat divider when turning in to the carpark and i believed i'm not the first person to mount over that (See Photo 4). The concrete divider was badly scraped with many scar marks by other cars. Moreover the two lanes were in the same direction, why would you need to put a divider?

As a public who patronise your premises, I felt that this kind of thing can be prevented and I should not be paying this amount of money out of sudden just by visiting Suntec on good Saturday afternoon. If the divider was not there or was it high and visible enough, i would not have ran over it and caused all the unnecessary damages.

I appreciate your kind understanding and seek your management to look into this seriously. Hence, provide a FULL compensation of $3028.50 addressed to my name OW YEONG CHENG SHI for the damages that i've incurred.

If you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Shaun Owyeong

This was what they replied. AFTER 3 MTHS.
And my name was spelt wrongly!

Dear Shuan,
Apologies for late response.
We have reviewed the incident and note that the divider was built in accordance to approved standards. The divider is also clearly visible and there are white markings on the ground to indicate its presence.
Based on the facts presented, it is our view that there appears to be no negligence on Management Corporation’s part.
As such, we regret to inform that we are unable to accede to your claim.

Best Regards
Peter Wu
Facilities Management

Here, there are some doubts.
1. At the next divider in front, they DO have poles to indicate its presence, but why not the one at the entrance?
2. There are already chevron to indicate the separation between the two same directional lanes, why do you still need to put a concrete divider there? Without Pole even?

Feel free to air your views here by commenting at this post. :)