Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wanna Run a Faster 2.4km?

Training Tips To Run Faster
Whether you wish to shave precious seconds off your 2.4km IPPT time, or to improve your marathon personal best, making the following tweaks to your running techniques can help you run faster.

1. Keep your chin up.
Lots of guys look at their feet so they don’t have to stare at the long stretch of upward-bound pavement ahead. Instead, imagine that a rope is attached to the middle of your chest, and it’s being wound in from a point two stories above the top of the hill in front of you. Lifting your head opens your airways, so it’s easier to breathe than when your upper body is hunching forward.

2. Train with intervals.
If you’re regularly running 25 to 40km a week and don’t feel like you’re improving, add structured interval sessions to your training program. Once or twice a week, warm up for a mile, then alternate hard runs of 3 to 5 minutes each with a few minutes of jogging in between. Repeat three or four times.

3. Shorter strides are better.
It would seem logical that lengthening your stride would help you run faster. But taking longer steps actually slows you down by creating a braking action every time your foot meets the ground. Taking more steps, not longer ones, is the key to going faster. To monitor your progress, run around a track at race pace and count the number of times your right foot strikes the ground over a minute. The best rate for runners, weekend and elite alike, is about 90 strides per minute.

4. Don't neglect upper-body strength.
Grab a pair of light dumbbells and stand with one foot about 60cm in front of the other. Now do a smooth and controlled running motion with your arms, keeping your elbows bent 90 degrees and your feet stationary. Continue for 30 seconds, then reverse your stance and repeat. Arm movements are important in locomotion—if you doubt us, try running with your arms straight down at your sides. More powerful arm movements lead to more powerful locomotion. This is why sprinters do a lot of upper-body strength training, and why any runner can improve performance with this exercise.

5. Power up your push-off.
Increasing the force in your stride will make your running easier. The more powerfully you can push off the ground, the less effort each stride will take. Ultimately, it will be easier to run faster as you will feel like you have more strength in reserve. 
Try plyometrics – explosive bounding movements that help you push off the ground. These exercises mimic parts of the running stride and help give you more push- off power on the road. 

Running long distance also helps in your 2.4km running too! U will run a faster 2.4km!
Here's a run i did recently. 5.26km, using the Runkeeper app on my iPhone to track my time and distance. it can also track the route you run! :)

 Download this App now!
Its really good. sometimes it would even send emails to you to congratulate you on your fastest run this month or longest distance covered in the entire month. :)

BRAND'S® Bird’s Nest Dad Awards Contest!

To all my readers and BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest Fans! BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest is organizing the BRAND'S® Bird’s Nest Dad Awards Contest giving away attractive prizes from the heart to celebrate the love for our Dads this father’s day.

Here’s how to enter the contest:
1) Nominate your dad for one of the following 3 categories:

- Best Adventure with Dad
- Most Memorable Meal with Dad
- Funniest Moment with Dad

2) Submit a photo with a short description that best illustrates any of the 3 following categories:

- Best Adventure with Dad
- Most Memorable Meal with Dad
- Funniest Moment with Dad

3) Send an email to with the title: BRAND'S® Bird’s Nest BRAND'S® Bird’s Nest Dad Awards Facebook Contest. The email must include the following:

Your Full Name (as it appears on your NRIC or Passport):
NRIC/Passport No.:
Mobile Number:
A picture with short description of any of the 3 following categories:

- Best Adventure with Dad
- Most Memorable Meal with Dad
- Funniest Moment with Dad

4) Submit your entry before 23.59 hours on 17 June 2012, Sun (Which is ENDING SOON!)

5) The 1st winner for each category will receive S$150 ++ worth of Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel’s dinner buffet vouchers. The runner-up winner for each category will receive a pack of BRAND’S® Royal Superior Bird’s Nest worth S$66.90.

Have fun! :)

Click here to find out more on the Facebook contest page!

Terms and conditions apply.
Contest is open to all currently residing in Singapore.
Participants can submit more than one nomination but you can only win once.
Deadline for submission is before 23.59 hours, June 17, 2012
Winners will be notified by emails and facebook.
Winners will be announced within 7 working days from the closing date of the contest.

I should be submitting this below photo of myself w my dad prawning some time back under the Best Adventure with Dad category. :)

my hair was a bit long that time... ugly :P

I would also submit this under Best Adventure w Dad category.
Played this arcade basketball w dad during our vacation at Desaru in April. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Michelle's 2012 Birthday Party @ Aloha Changi Seafront with Tiger Beer!

  Michelle, my gf celebrated her birthday at Aloha Changi Seafront on the 20th May 2012 (Sunday) few weeks ago.. Her actual birthday is on the 21st May. :)

ALL photos here are taken with my CASIO EXILIM EX-ZR20!
Check out my blogpost on this camera Here!

 the place was a bit run down... but it was still alright to hold a chalet/party there.
Almost everything that u need is provided there. :)

Ours was Chalet D! :)

shortly after her friends arrived.. they started to play games...

 Taken using Best Shot function w Toy Camera effect.
they were all new to this game.. so everyone were still figuring out how to play.

Say Cheese~!
As u can see.. someone is holding the Tiger Beer already! :P

 Here's the view from our chalet..
(Taken with Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect)

And i went outside to take some nice shots and play ard with my camera..
Here.. i noticed strong waves coming in and i switched to Best Shot mode w Toy Camera effect and it looks really nice~!

i like using the Toy Camera effect as it can brings out a different feel of the object you're taking..

Here.. this is another photo which i think is quite nice.. taken with the Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect. it automatically switched to a suitable mode and captured the photo with the background (the boats) blurred.

taken with the Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect

 The Changi Point Coastal Walk
(taken with the Best Shot function w Pop effect)

 (taken with the Best Shot function w Flower effect)

later i went to the car to take sth.. and took some random pictures of the interior
(taken with Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect)

 and i took a picture of my brother's car as well...
I think this picture is nice. what say u ?
(taken with the Best Shot function w Toy Camera effect)

side profile.
(taken with the Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect)

Here comes the TIGER BEERS!!!
Put in a nice blue ice box and ready to be served chilled!
(taken with the Best Shot function w Toy Camera effect)

Here's my nephew with the Tiger Beers!
Don't worry.. he's not gonna drink it! Just holdin' it only~! hahaha~!
He seemed so happy, but can't drink! :P

 Here my gym buddy.. Kelvin, can't wait to start already!
the sky hasn't even turn dark yet! haha...


Here.. myself with the TIGER! :)

Michelle and I with the Tiger Beer!

 Other than the ice box... there were more in the fridge! :)

We really had a great time with Tiger Beer as part of our beverage as it really spice up the whole event rather than jus some soft drinks and juices.
(taken with the Best Shot function w Light Tone effect)

here.. with my buddy chilling out together at the BBQ area!

 (taken with the Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect)

using our Eye Power to BBQ! haha... :P
the dresscode of the party was pink.. so u might notice many of us wear Pink!
including my parents. so co-operative. haha :)

the BBQ food! Crayfish, Stingray, Satay, hotdogs, chicken wings, otah.. etc.
Hope i din make u hungry~! :P
(taken with the Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect) 

Everybody jus enjoying their food.

Ready to cut the cake soooOon.......... and here's michelle's cake! :)

 (taken with the Best Shot function w Premium Auto PRO effect)

singing the birthday song..

quite a few versions sang that day.. but i can't remember. :P

Gonna make a wish!

And here's my photo with her..

And a photo with her siblings and their GF / BF :) 
though my nephew, the small boy might be abit extra~! haha .. :P

this is a meant-to-be funny shot.. quite nice and natural i think.
and look at my nephew! haha...
earlier picture when we were more serious.. he did funny pose. haha..

Okie.. Time to cut the cake~!

here with my buddy again! 
Gonna gobble down the cake! :P

Here.. I am with Tiger Beer again!

(taken with the Best Shot function w Toy Camera effect)

It was really a fun party.. especially with Tiger Beer to spice up the entire event.
I'm sure everyone enjoyed the good food, good drinks and good companions!

Check out the Tiger Beer website Here!


Next evening.. Mich and I went to Shaw Lido TCC to have dinner.. they are having a 1-for-1 main course..
so we ordered these...

Smoked Salmon & Apple Salad
(taken with the Best Shot function w Food effect)

Crisp-club Sandwich
(taken with the Best Shot function w Food effect)

Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki
(taken with the Best Shot function w Food effect)

 Dark Devotion
(taken with the Best Shot function w Food effect)


 The CASIO EXILIM EX-ZR20 is now available at most of the gadget/CASIO retail stores in Singapore
at the price of S$499 which includes a case and 8GB memory Card.

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