Saturday, September 8, 2007

What i've GOt fOr my BdAY...?

a shirt and a shades, both from Topman... from my secondary school friends...

TEN by Vincent Ng (jus in case u don't know who is he, he's a Mediacorp artiste). this book is from my one of my Best PaL, Kelvin.

a pair of Tie... from one of my online friend... Kelly. =)

a simple card snailed mailed from my beloved best female pal, Layleng... =) (wah.. i liddat say dunnoe will offend any of my other female pals or not... haha)

22 assorted food items... including a goggles, so total 23 items to mark my 23rd Birthday! from my eldest bro Chris n his wife Juan. =)

Last but not least, of course there are Ang BaOs from my parents... its a usual practice. =)


Overall... its pretty ok...

but my friends din noe that i don't really like people to give me clothings as a present. sObz. there are reasons to it. basically 3 reasons. but i shall nt say it here, probably next time... in other post. haha. but after trying the shirt i find it not bad, quite nice. so still ok.. jus that the sleeves are abit long, have to tailor abit. As for the Shades its abit too big. hahax...; it covers my eyebrows which shouldn't be the way (can see the pic below). Aviators are big, but did tried some which is jus nice for me w/o covering my brows... =) but tts ok. cos they dunnoe ma... haha... That TEN book which is from my friend, Kelvin is quite a good gift. "Its something I would like to have, but wouldn't buy" - this is wad i messaged him. and i find this sentence real cool. dunch u think so...? so probably if this sentence can be used for the present that u'r buying for someone, tt must be a good present at least.


Monday, September 3, 2007

30 mins to my Birthday !

Yes... by the time i finish typing this... should be bout 30 mins to my 23rd birthday... time flies... don really like to tell people that i'm 23 now. haha... but well... its okie... tts life. Just in case u don't know, it falls on the 4th September. I don't ask for much, but hope that my day for tomorrow would be a smooth one... (Not because now its the Seventh Month Ghost festival.. haha). Alright... tts bout all... its just another day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Top 10 Car Keys !

No. 1 - Bentley

No. 2 - Merc-Benz

No. 3 - Jag.

No. 4 - Land Rover Range Rover Sport LR3

No. 5 - Audi

No. 6 - BMW
No. 7 - Lexus
No. 8 - Volvo
No. 9 - Nissan Infinitiahh... i used this before. but its a Nissan Cefiro and there is one more additional button to it for opening the boot. shown here has only three.

No. 10 - Cadillac