Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look-alike Celebrities, am i one of 'em?

Hmmm... Guess this is quite interestin, many ppl hav been tellin me that i look like this or that celebrity, or some think really hard before they could come out with the name of the person (whom many ppl say i lookalike) unless i don't say. haha... but wads more interestin is that i don jus look like 1 celebrity, but others as well... that is why i think it is quite good to put it up here as it seems quite entertaining for you as a reader and to know me better... and also for those ppl who still cant think of who i look alike... haha... well... i've decided to put it up here havin No. 1 ranking the highest number of ppl who think i resembles more. Sit back...











No. 1 - Edison Chen

No. 2 - Daniel Wu

No. 3 - Andy Lau

No. 4 - Louis Koo

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Something Quite Inspiring...












Thursday, October 11, 2007

My New Nokia 6300

Uh... i really love this phone... its Great so far... though its nt a 3G phone. but i think in S'pore we dont reallyneed a 3G phone, depends on wad kind of job you're working also. if not most of the people bought 3G phones for probably jus showing off? i suppose. haha... well, i may be wrong. but anyway, my very first phone was Nokia, and then i tried using LG (choc) and Sumsung, and now finally back to Nokia again. Im relieved to use back Nokia again. It makes me feels more comfortable and enjoyable. All thanks to its user-friendly functions. I believe Sony Ericsson is not bad also, if given a chance i would like to try tt too, but for now i jus wanna use Nokia. - Its your mama. haha... remember the ad? haha. oh ya, i gt this phone for real cheap, probably at ard 20 plus Only. want to know why? ask me lor... haha... theres a trick.

& just your additional info, i was sick for the past 2 days or so... woke up on tues mornin 530am diarrhoea n followed by vomiting. and i vsited the toilet numerous times for e whole day... i got mc for today which is WEd...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Its a Sunday!!!

Dear all,

Finally im here to write again...

Recently have been really busy with my stuffs and work as well, quite a number of overtime last month... but luckily im paid for it. haha... but it can be tiring... 5-day work... and 4 days of overtime... imagine? haha... Now, im always looking forward to Friday, like anyone else in my company. haha... some of my colleagues even countdown to the 5:30pm knock off time... which for me i dun really like to count n think bout it. cos if u think it this way, ur time will be very slow... so i usually wun count the no. of hrs to 5:30pm... Usually when it comes to Fri... or even before it comes to Fri, i would try to plan my weekend ahead, so that at least i wouldnt be wasting it away jus like this...cos i do treasure every weekend... but of course most of the time... or for the past few weeks... they didn't fall into plan. What affects me most was Soccer with my friends... for consecutively 3-4 wks.. we planned to play but diden't play due to poor attendance when the day comes... if not i would have planned to go sun tan with my pals... or have other activities instead. it can be quite annoying... but tts life... we jus have to take it. luckily there's a blog for me to blog it here... else i would have jus keep it to myself... haha... there are many other things which happened last mth which i feel like blogging here at tt time... but of course i din have the time to do so... so it was procrastinated... like i got to know a gal from the gym...

She's actually workin there as a front desk attendant @ Safra Mt Faber ENERGY ONE, and one day i realised that the locker she gave my was spoilt; the door came loose... so i went back to her and told her bout it... and jus being a lil humorous, i told her im not the one who spoilt it... (in mandarin) and she laughs... haha... then immediately after tt she asked, if any say i look like Edison Chen... and of course as usual, i said 'Yes'. and from there we gt to know each other... and for the next few gym sessions with my pal, i somehow felt quite paiseh (shy in hokkien) while doin my workouts.. haha... like as though wondering if she's looking at me or sth... there was once when im bout to leave, she asked me to fill up sth and eventually gave me a pair of Loreal Facial Wash... n same for my fren... so GoOd right... hehe. Guess wad i was surprise to hear n know how much affection she had for me...? - while filling up the form, she suddenly said for this she can see me longer, and even said that if im nt ard, she would have to look Daniel Wu who was in the Ad for the Loreal facial form, a small poster at the counter. haha... i said tts nt edison... then she replied saying that all of them look quite alike ma... haha. quite interesting yeah. =) afterall, she's alright.. a pleasant and nice person... though initially i find her quite 'DaO' when i first step in to the gym. haha... now she's totally different.. haha... n even dress up nicer le if im nt wrong... =P haha... no bad impression of her... as she didn't do any harm to me... jus probably admirations ba...

Thats all... for this post for now... and for your info, i bought a new phone le... shall reveal to u in the next post.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Quick Update !

Oh dear.. sorry that i did not blog for quite some time... nearly 1 mth... haha... was really busy with my stuffs... and last week was doing most of the Overtime... 4 days in that week. but this week was much better... only work alittle overtime... which is ytd. it can be quite tiring, but looking on the brighter side i actually increased my pay for nearly 200 bucks for tt mth. which sounds good rite? i suppose. =) Anyway, i can't type too much here... gotta slp soon. its 1:10am now Saturday! gotta hit the gym with my pal tmr morning.. bout 8 plus.... i shall relate more bout how i feel bout certain things which happened recently in the next few post. so stay tune...


Saturday, September 8, 2007

What i've GOt fOr my BdAY...?

a shirt and a shades, both from Topman... from my secondary school friends...

TEN by Vincent Ng (jus in case u don't know who is he, he's a Mediacorp artiste). this book is from my one of my Best PaL, Kelvin.

a pair of Tie... from one of my online friend... Kelly. =)

a simple card snailed mailed from my beloved best female pal, Layleng... =) (wah.. i liddat say dunnoe will offend any of my other female pals or not... haha)

22 assorted food items... including a goggles, so total 23 items to mark my 23rd Birthday! from my eldest bro Chris n his wife Juan. =)

Last but not least, of course there are Ang BaOs from my parents... its a usual practice. =)


Overall... its pretty ok...

but my friends din noe that i don't really like people to give me clothings as a present. sObz. there are reasons to it. basically 3 reasons. but i shall nt say it here, probably next time... in other post. haha. but after trying the shirt i find it not bad, quite nice. so still ok.. jus that the sleeves are abit long, have to tailor abit. As for the Shades its abit too big. hahax...; it covers my eyebrows which shouldn't be the way (can see the pic below). Aviators are big, but did tried some which is jus nice for me w/o covering my brows... =) but tts ok. cos they dunnoe ma... haha... That TEN book which is from my friend, Kelvin is quite a good gift. "Its something I would like to have, but wouldn't buy" - this is wad i messaged him. and i find this sentence real cool. dunch u think so...? so probably if this sentence can be used for the present that u'r buying for someone, tt must be a good present at least.


Monday, September 3, 2007

30 mins to my Birthday !

Yes... by the time i finish typing this... should be bout 30 mins to my 23rd birthday... time flies... don really like to tell people that i'm 23 now. haha... but well... its okie... tts life. Just in case u don't know, it falls on the 4th September. I don't ask for much, but hope that my day for tomorrow would be a smooth one... (Not because now its the Seventh Month Ghost festival.. haha). Alright... tts bout all... its just another day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Top 10 Car Keys !

No. 1 - Bentley

No. 2 - Merc-Benz

No. 3 - Jag.

No. 4 - Land Rover Range Rover Sport LR3

No. 5 - Audi

No. 6 - BMW
No. 7 - Lexus
No. 8 - Volvo
No. 9 - Nissan Infinitiahh... i used this before. but its a Nissan Cefiro and there is one more additional button to it for opening the boot. shown here has only three.

No. 10 - Cadillac

Saturday, August 25, 2007

SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run 2007

Will be attending this SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run 2007 tomorrow
Participating in the 6 km non-competitive segment
Flagoff time 8:00 am

Sunday, August 19, 2007

LG Choc KG800 - SOLD !!!

with the touch screen activated...

Yeah... Finally sold it at SGD$180.00. My ideal selling price was SGD$250.00 but that was far too impossible. I'm eyeing for another phone now, fyi... =)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Its Weekend Finally!

Finally its Friday... ! Its prob. my first week of work.. though i started last Fri, 10 Aug. Currently working at Schneider Electric Singapore Pte Ltd as an AutoCAD Draughts Person. Its at 10 AMK St. 65 Tech Point, but its nearer to Yio Chu Kang MRt Station. working hours, 0830-1730Hrs. Sometimes have to work OT, had done about twice already this week - monday and today... jus came back not long ago actually... tired! gonna sleep soon... heading gym tmr...! cya!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mass Factor from EAS

Oh... come on i Dig this. !

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ThinGs I Should bE Gettin'

  1. Shades - probably an aviator this time
  2. Brown Leather Shoe
  3. Goggles
  4. White striped shirt from G2000 Black Label Series
  5. a proper Office Sling bag - not too big, probably from braun buffel or FXcreation

Monday, August 13, 2007

So now i'm a blogger...

Well.. I enjoy sharing nice and good stuffs with people...

Hence, blogging here allows me to do so..

Things that I would share about would be food, movies, cars, travel, and lifestyle.. (perhaps havin' a nice coffee somewhere?)

So do add me to your favourites if you like the things that I would be posting. It would be my pleasure to have you as my reader.

Thank you!